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Agent S! Edit

Information Edit

Gender: Female

Species: Squirrel

Personality Style: Peppy/ Excited

Birthday: 2nd July

Original Phrase: 'Sidekick'

Picture Phrase: 'I'm Gonna, like, Save the World!

Main Colour: Grey


Although there are 3 Superheros in ACWW, Agent S is the only female.

She wears a blue helmet with 2 white stripes on, and inbetween the stripes is a white number 2. The helmet has a burgendy screen over the eyes. She originally wears the Number 2 Shirt.

There are rumours that Agent S is Kid Cat's sidekick.

The 'S' in her name probably stands for squirrel, her species. So her full name is probably Agent Squirrel.

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